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We bring our Extensive experience of providing cost effective and Time- To- Market Testing Services.

  • Project Scope

    Project Analysis and Planning

  • Requirement Specification

    Requirement Analysis
    Requirement Design

  • Build Application

    Development and Testing

  • Delivery

    Application Delivery and Continuous Support

  • Our USP

    •    Team has more than a decades experience in Testing: Manual & Automation
    •    Experience of creating more than 10,000 test cases
    •   Experience on developing & delivering HUNDREDS of Automated test scripts.
    •   Automated Localization Testing- European & East Asian Languages >> DEU, JPN, ITA,FRA, ESP,CHS,CHT,KOR, PTB,CSY,RUS,PLK,HUN Etc.
    • Testing Tool Expertise- Quality Center, Test Link, JIRA, SVN, Confluence

  • Automation Testing

    • Silk Test, QTP, ROBOTIUM, Selenium, Jenkins, BrowserStack

    • Regression testing – Test execution on every build

    • Data-driven testing –required multiple sets of data for as much as iterations of the test

    • Configuration tests – Test that run on many different platforms

    • Test bed setup – Test Harness setup required on a cluster of test machines

    • Backend/non-GUI testing – To verify data that has been collected by the application

Testing life cycle every phase is a service for us, we can help you from any phase of testing life cycle till implementation.


    • Uno Mobi Factory enables us to conduct manual and automated functional testing on a multitude of devices (smartphones and tablets) in a secured and stable environment.
    •  It enables us to test application behavior in case of incoming event (call, SMS, mail, etc.) is received, and also test voice-related cases, complex location-based scenarios and more.

    • Our Mobile Testing includes supporting different types of objects and mobile apps (Native, Web, Hybrid), as well as latest technologies such as voice recognition etc. Applying right mobility solutions,we can efficiently address the constant changes in the mobile market with minimal maintenance and cost.

    • Our comprehensive mobile testing strategy includes device and network infrastructure, optimized selection of target devices, and an effective combination of emulators, testing tools to cover both functional and non-functional testing.

Key Factors of Mobile App Testing

  • Device selection

    Create mix of simulator testing and physical device testing on different models to enhance test coverage

  • Test automation

    Implementation of suitable tool to reduce the cost of regression testing

  • Network environment

    Most of the Testing on Wi-Fi networks (3G & 4G) and test various network conditionsusing simulation tools.

  • Types of testing

    Types of testing functional,Manual, performance, compliance, etc.

  • Unosys Agile Mobi App Testing strategy key elements:

    • Wide range of devices and Platforms (Various flavors of OS’s), Screen sizes, resolutions and form factors
    • Frequent App and OS upgrades and frequent App compatibility testing with new upgrades.
    • Rapid fixes, Rapid Testing and implementation
    • Application behavior testing in various network conditions, bandwidth, low connection. Notification and alert handling in various such scenario’s.
    • Application business domain (VAS, BANKING, RETAIL)
    • Application volume of activities
    • App storing Channel: App Store, Google Play, direct installation

  • For ERP

    • We Test Business Process
    • We Test Business Rules
    • We Test Functional Performance
    • We Test Integration
    • We build re-usable Test pack

  • Unosys Provides

    • Analysis of business requirements
    • System Understanding
    • Planning & Strategy
    • Test execution
    • Defect management
    • Reporting

  • ERP Implementation

    • ERP systems frequent customization.
    • Integration with legacy system or other systems
    • Global implementation at any location and local testing required
    • Compliances compatibility and modifications

  • Our ERP Testing Services

    • Define Approach and strategy
    • Build re-usable Testing pack
    • Implementations of tools as per clients requirement
    • Regression Test pack development
    • Cost saving and quick time to market through reusable Testing kit
    • Focused Functional and non functional Testing


    • Unosys Team has almost a decade’s expirience in providing Localization Testing Services, for Manual and Automation Testing.

    • We at Unosys provide comprehensive services in Localization Testing.  Our experience in localization testing is focuses on product functionality. Our Localization Testing model is developed to validate compatibility with localized hardware, software and services to a specific language, locale and culture.

    • Our localization tools, techniques, processes, strategies and tactics are cost and time effective.  We do localization testing in 13 languages including English language testing such as German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Czech, and Brazilian Portuguese.



Our Automation Factory Services delivers accelerated Regression Testing Suites.We understand clients requirement considering their business goal, Test environment, Technologies and their skill sets, based on which we develop client centric Automation framework, Selection of tools and techniques.

  • Test Script Building

    • Test scripts are to automate testing process, which involves requirement or feature analysis and familiarity with the system.

    • We define Automation Framework strategy considering all required factors as mentioned above and build Test Harness with Regression Test Suites. We study past testing results to understand the kind of project issues has been faced in the past which can be possible issues in the future so we make sure that all such issues has been taken care as part of Risk.

    • We create logical grouping of Test script suites to make itmore manageable libraries. It helps reusability and maintenance of the scripts in structured way.

Our Tools & Technique

  • Selenium

  • Selenium is open source application, which is very much simplified to implement.

    We have implemented selenium for Web application Testing. There are four main areas of Selenium as mentioned below. Each area can be implemented at its own or in combinations to build complete automation suite.

    • Selenium IDE – Recording/Creating and Enhancing scripts
    • Selenium Grid – Platform testing
    • Selenium Remote Control (RC)– Executing scripts
    • Selenium Web Driver (API) – Cross browser testing


    Our Selenium Automation Services: 

    • System Analysis
    • Analyze features can be Automated and cant be automated
    • Define Automation framework suitable to the application
    • Define strategy to achieve automation
    • Create Manual testcases
    • Transform Manual Testcases to automation test script
    • Create Logs to contain the test results
    • Reporting

  • Silk Test

  • We offer best industry practices for Test automation to achieve the optimum return on client’s investment and provide real benefit to the projects in which test automations are implemented. For regression testing test automation would be right choice.

    Our test automation process is bifurcated into Automation test script development and automation test suite execution.


    Automation Test script development:

    Automation testing is mainly used where repetitive testing is required such as regression testing. Testers create the list of features to be automated, while going through specification review. Complex features or critical features are executed manual, and at same time automation feasibility is checked. Once the code is freezing and build is available to test then we can commence the automation script development activity.

    Prior to test script development the automation harness structure needs to be created.

    Our Silk Test Automation Services: 

    • Analyze features can be Automated and cant be automated
    • Define Automation framework suitable to the application
    • Define strategy to achieve automation
    • Create Manual testcases
    • Transform Manual Testcases to automation test script
    • Create Logs to contain the test results
    • Reporting

Unosys Automation Competencies:

Our Automation competency allows implementing new Automation strategy as per client requirement. We can be part of your team and enhance your Automation framework and it’s working, through our expirience and expertise in scripting. Our team can work as your team and together it can assist you to achieve your goal.



 Early Defect detection, in requirement analysis phase- expertise in gap analysis

Thousands of testcases created for Functional Testing

Matrixes and process innovations

Transparent Reporting

  • Our Areas of expertise

    • Requirements Capture and Analysis
    • Test Planning
    • Test case Design & Traceability Matrix
    • Test Execution
    • Defect Tracking and Management
    • Reporting
    • Test Metrics
    • Test Stability Analysis coverage

  • Each Testing Phase is a Testing service for us. We can help you with all Testing phases or we can help you with any of the project phase. We have expertise in all testing phases.  We will join you at any of the phases on quick notification.


    We provide full range of Software testing services to our various customers. Our company’s software testing services will ensure that your software is defect less, stable and works flawlessly. Our flawless process, strict adherence to Testing standards, flexible and customizable delivery models which enhance productivity, reduce costs, reduce time to market and increase delivery confidence. We offer a complete and comprehensive range of testing services from Unit Testing to User Acceptance Testing.


    Our approach to software testing is based on best industry testing practices, process and methodologies, which we have successfully implemented for various clients. Our software testing consultants are experienced senior software engineers with excellent technical and communication skills. Their pragmatic, hands-on approach enables clients to realize improved quality results more quickly and cost-effectively.


    Our testing services also provide end to end test mentoring on a project ensuring that the quality controls are in place within the testing process to meet with your overall quality management requirements.


    Our approach to test process assessment and improvement is an end-to-end service that helps financial firms achieve a higher level of test maturity, lower total cost on test activities, and accelerated time to market. Based on a combination of our industry standard and our methodologies, we provide a clear and objective assessment of the relative maturity of testing processes and structure, identifying a practicalroadmap.


    We work together with your team to help create a testing framework considering the key major challenges—enabling you to deliver greater performance efficiency and effectiveness as well as minimizing defects, lowering costs, and improved quality.