Unosys Solutions pvt ltd | Mobile
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 Unosys will help you move forward by taking few steps back, making sure that the right technology, stable solutions, high performance and effective tools, are picked for the solutions you need.


Never end up taking the wrong decision while selecting an app, solution and technology, in a hurry to keep up with technology.

  • iPhone Application Development

  • Android Application Development

  • Windows Application Development

  • Cross Platform Mobile App Testing

    • Mobile App Development Services

      • Technology architecture development
      • Wireframes creation
      • Prototype development
      • User interface development
      • Mobile App Coding
      • Release management
      • E-commerce integration
      • Native App development
      • Hybrid App Development
      • Web App Development
      • 2-D and 3-D models
      • Custom AR effects
      • Animation
      • User registration
      • Integration to third-party APIs
      • Content management

    • Mobile Technology Competencies

      • Android, Windows Phone, iOS
      • Android Source Code
      • Web Platform: Django (Python), C#
      • Play Framework, html5,
      • JQuery, Java
      • Database: MS SqlServer, MSMySql
      • Build systems: Maven, Gradle
      • Augmented Reality: OpenCV, JSON, C, C++,
      • GPS
      • UI Design Competencies:
      • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, HTML5
      • HTML, CSS, CSS3, JQuery
      • After Effect, Eye-on Fusion, Nuke, 3ds max
      • Cinema 4D, Premiere Pro
      • Adobe Flash